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The Mission of the Husky Sailing Foundation is to provide the funding, leadership and long term vision necessary to build and maintain a diverse, inclusive and highly competitive sailing team at the University of Washington.


Our Purpose is to build and maintain a lasting legacy of excellence in college sailing at Washington.  A legacy that builds on the long history of Husky Sailing by providing funding stability, effective recruitment of junior and high school sailors and consistent organizational support.  The Husky Sailing Foundation will encourage and financially support Washington Husky student athletes in their pursuit of a challenging and successful collegiate sailing experience.


  • The collegiate athletic experience is a valuable component of a well-rounded and fully enjoyed college experience.
  • Collegiate sailing can provide a rewarding athletic experience to a diverse spectrum of students.
  • A successful team is competitive. A successful team is inclusive. A successful team provides meaningful opportunity to sailors of varying levels of skill & talent.  A successful team provides student opportunities for leadership, shared responsibility and personal development.
  • The University of Washington has a long and valued legacy of competitive sailing and this legacy is worthy of continuation and expansion.
  • Long term vision will lead to excellence in the long term. We make decisions for the long term benefits of the program.
  • Transparency in all decisions, processes and actions.
  • Decisions should be made with input and advice from the Husky Sailing Advisory Committee
  • Execution is paramount. We deliver on our commitments.
  • The University of Washington Husky Sailing Team should represent Washington at the most competitive levels of collegiate sailing. Providing the funding, organization and support to achieve and maintain this level is worthy of our best efforts.