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  • 1948

    1948 - The Husky Sailing Club Established

    The idea of the sailing club began in the spring of 1948 in meetings between UW Daily sports editor, John Faulkner, and Walt Hardman, an experienced sailor. In a report to the ASUW office the club’s purpose was described as to promote sailing at the UW and to sponsor an intercollegiate sailing team. When activities… Read More »The Husky Sailing Club Established

  • 1949

    1949 - ASUW Loans the Husky Sailing Club Funds to Build New Fleet

    In the spring of 1949 the club’s membership drive demonstrated enough interest in sailing that the ASUW loaned the club $4,000 to purchase a teaching and racing fleet. The club sponsored a design competition and Bill Nightengail was awarded the contract build six bare hulls. The new class of boats were named “Huskies.” Club members… Read More »ASUW Loans the Husky Sailing Club Funds to Build New Fleet

  • 1951

    1951 - 1951 Sailing Moves into the UW Canoe House

    The “ASUW” Shellhouse, also known as the UW Canoe House, was constructed in 1918. After the United States entered World War I in 1917, the University of Washington granted the government access to its campus facilities for U.S. naval training and storage. However, the building’s naval use was rather short-lived due to the end of the war that… Read More »1951 Sailing Moves into the UW Canoe House

  • 1951

    1951 - New Husky Sailboats Launched

    On February 5, 1951 the boats were dedicated and given Husky mascot names. From the Canoe House, the Huskies on dollies were winched down the ramp into the Montlake Cut. A small dock was available, but the launching site proved challenging for new students and reports of damage when landing appeared often in club minutes.… Read More »New Husky Sailboats Launched

  • 1954

    1954 - Steve Chadwick Jr. and Bill Buchan Jr. with National Championships

    Steve Chadwick Jr. is honored at the Corinthian Yacht Club for winning the International championship in the I-110 class in 1954 in San Francisco Bay. Bill Buchan Jr. was the National Collegiate Dinghy Champion the same year, winning A-Division in Santa Barbara, California. International 110’s Photo -Marblehead Studios, Blake Jackson